• Fall & Winter Programs

    Onward Israel is offering career-advancing programs this winter!

    Winter Internship in Tel Aviv

    Escape the cold this winter! This tailor-made internship program places you in a workplace based on your skills, interests and future plans. In addition, the program features time for learning, plus one weekend retreat with other Onward Israel participants from North America. In your free time, explore Tel Aviv’s exciting nightlife, beaches, foodie scene and culture.

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    Winter Advance Internship

    Intern in Israel during your winter break! Spend winter break interning and exploring Israel. Then get back to campus and continue on with the internship and program remotely, building on the network you made while abroad.  Set yourself apart from your peers, gain valuable internship experience, and immerse yourself in everything Israel has to offer.

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    New Media

    The program was built around a unique professional course, in order to train the participants to specialize in social media management on various networks including: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

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    Northern Exposure

    The Old City of Tzfat, in the Galilee mountains, has been a center for Jewish spirituality and mysticism since the 16th century. Join us for 5 weeks of exploring, hiking and experiencing the High Holidays in the unique beauty of Northern Israel and Tzfat.

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    Yahel Israel Service Corps

    Spend this winter break in Israel doing meaningful work with Arab communities in the North of Israel. During this 4 week community based service program you will volunteer alongside Druze young adults in different Druze communities. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the Druze community, learn/practice Arabic, gain experience working with children and learn about community based social change work in Israel.

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    Forum for Jewish Leadership (FJL) Australia Winter Program

    FJL offers outstanding internship opportunities to bright and ambitious future Jewish leaders. Our range of courses and programs provide an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of Jewish leadership, as well as Jewish perspectives on a host of legal, political and social issues associated with the modern world.

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    Hillel Global Winter Program

    Hillel is the largest pluralistic Jewish organization in the world for young adults and this Onward Israel experience joins together young adults from Latin America, Europe and the FSU in a truly global, high-level experience.

    In addition to your internship you will be exposed to the top leadership of Israel’s biggest companies. Hillel is the only Onward trip to include this in the program! The Hillel program also offers the only winter (your summer) experience for participants to live in top-of-the-line apartments in Tel Aviv. From the beach to the nightlife, Tel Aviv will become your home and you will have the opportunity to live as a local. You will have time to explore other parts of Israel as well!

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