• Responsibilities

    Onward Israel is a 4-way partnership between the participant, the local partner, the program organizer, and Onward Israel. Responsibilities for each partner include:

    The Participant:

    1. Honest and thorough during the application process, including medical information
    2. Co-payment as specified by the program
    3. Full participation in the program
    4. Participation in pre- and post-program components as agreed upon with the local partner

    The Local Partner:

    1. Publicity and marketing of the program
    2. Application, screening and acceptance process
    3. Program subsidy
    4. Creation of pre- and post-program activities
    5. Interaction with the participant’s family during the program

    The Program Organizer:

    1. Safety, security, and welfare of participants once program begins
    2. All logistical and content aspects (with the exception of the Onward Israel educational opportunities)
    3. Internship and volunteer placements

    Onward Israel:

    1. Program development process with partners and organizers
    2. Quality control- content and logistics
    3. Program evaluation
    4. Program subsidy
    5. General marketing and publicity materials
    6. Cross-program educational opportunities