• About Onward Israel

    Onward Israel offers exciting resume building opportunities – internships, academic study and fellowships – providing a global, cross-cultural experience in Israel and direct contact with Israeli peers.

    The goal of Onward Israel’s programs is to provide participants with an immersive resume-building experience in Israel, featuring opportunities such as internships, academic courses, and fellowships.

    Onward Israel offers a competitive and attractive venue for young people seeking such experiences at affordable prices, and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks. While meeting the individual needs of the participants and allowing them to advance their resumes, Onward Israel speaks directly to the interests and concerns of young adults entering the labor force in a globalized world. Our programs maximize opportunities for cross-cultural immersion, a feature that is highly prized by employers and academic institutions.

    The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to increase exponentially the number of Birthright and teen program alumni who return to Israel for an identity-building second visit, eventually reaching a stage where half of all first time visitors partake in a longer more immersive second experience. The intended long-term outcome is a long-lasting connection with Israel and a strong commitment to Jewish life and community at the heart of the next generations.

    We believe that this initiative has the potential to significantly increase the percentage of previous Israel travel programs returning to Israel for an impactful and transformative experience to develop them individually and professionally and increase their involvement in Jewish life after their return home.

    Onward Israel is made possible through the generous support of our partners.