• Employer Testimonials

    Onward Israel is possible thanks to the support of Israeli companies eager to bring our participants onto their teams. This is why they continue, year after year, to employ Onward Israel interns. We have worked with hundreds of Israeli companies. Here is what a few of them had to say about Onward Israel. 

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    Companies we have worked with:

    The Onward Israel project provided great value both for us as a company and for the interns. It is a great opportunity for our employees to meet professional international students. The interns bring insight and knowledge while they learn from us and gain valuable professional experience. Lasting relationships with past interns remain to this day!

    Shiran Parag
    Sourcing Manager

    Onward Israel interns are an incredible asset to OurCrowd. They are bright, motivated, eager to learn, and bring with them ingenuity and fresh insight.

    Adina Teutsch Isenberg
    Internship Manager

    Onward Israel’s Interns have become an inseparable part from the marketing and development of the Clearya product. The interns fresh and creative mind set, familiarity with the target audience, and hard work assist us creating a better product and experience for our users.

    Amir Rosner

    Companies we are looking forward to working with:

    Shareitt is a P2P marketplace platform for second-hand goods in which members can buy without spending real money. Our application enables its users to buy and sell any preloved items which are not in use anymore in return for Shareitt tokens.

    The Onward Israel internship program allows for exploring options and the possibly of spreading the Shareitt app at the places where the intern comes from. We also consider it an opportunity for a long term relationships with our company. If a person returns to Israel after the program ends, then the common interest is that they will explore how they can integrate further. Shareitt is also interested in working with Onward Israel participants after their program, remotely. This is an advantage for Shareitt as well since it is a global community and applies to many audiences.

    JLM Municipality
    The International Exchange Division in the municipality of Jerusalem is the coordinating body for international cooperation, public relations and youth delegations. For the past 30 years, the division has been developing and running thousands of pedagogical and professional delegations in the fields of informal education, culture, sports and social projects.

    The new vision in the JLM Municipality is a change of style and working with the new world, the new young world. The Onward Israel Hybrid program matches this  new world style of both in person and remote work.

    Onward Israel interns join the Jerusalem office as an inseparable part of the team. Tasks include online research, taking an active part of planning the process of an online international conference initiated by the municipality of Jerusalem, and targeting international conferences, events and panels with relevancy to our fields of work.