• Our Impact

    Since its inception, Onward Israel has employed rigorous pre and post-program evaluation, designed to empirically assess the program’s impact. The results are clear: Onward Israel works.

    Onward Israel alumni are 59% more likely to educate others about Israel than they were before they went on the program.

    “My Onward Israel experience was one of personal, professional, and Jewish growth. It was the ideal way to see and try many new things before graduating college. The opportunity to live in another country was challenging but rewarding. Onward Israel made the transition as smooth as possible, but there was just enough unfamiliarity to push me to leave my comfort zone and explore Israel with an open mind. My internship at SHARE was incredibly rewarding as well. My coworkers were excited to have me in the office, and we quickly built a relationship beyond just work. I felt trusted and valued as an employee, as I was given responsibility for projects that were both challenging and fulfilling. Lastly, being in Israel was a great way to further understand my Jewish identity. It was a surreal experience to be in a place where Judaism was the norm, and the systems, cultures, and people of the country align with the values and needs of the Jewish people. Though I left Israel with more questions than answers, I lived very real experiences that helped fortify my beliefs and widened my perspective.” -Eric B., Onward Israel Los Angeles, Summer 2018


    265 young adults participated in Onward Israel’s first cohort in 2012. There were 2,516 participants in the 2018 cohort.

    “I love both the company and the work I am doing – I am truly gaining so much valuable business experience by witnessing firsthand the ins and outs of a successful company. This experience will definitely benefit me in the future as I continue my Organizational Studies major, which studies how organizations work and interact with each other. Onward Israel gave me the opportunity to live on my own in a foreign city I’ve always loved, and thus allow me to immerse myself in the culture. I have been able to visit different places and areas, learn how to take public transportation everywhere, speak Hebrew, meet new people, and explore Israel both educationally through my internship and culturally in my free time.” -Maia H., Onward Israel Baltimore, Summer 2018


    71% of Onward Israel participants attend the same or more Israel and Jewish activities and events after returning home from Israel. This is contrary to the common trend of declining engagement of college students over time.