Cities of Onward Israel

When it comes to cities in Israel, Tel Aviv always seems to get the fame and glory. Known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culinary scene and trendy nightlife, it seems like Tel Aviv has it all . . .but you’d be wrong. Israel has always been more than just one city – this amazing country is filled with a plethora of unique landscapes, sights, sounds, smells and feelings you cannot experience just by living in Tel Aviv. Imagine navigating the narrow pathways of the Machane Yehuda Shuk for your morning grocery run, or going for an afternoon jog along Mt. Carmel while soaking in the sights of the Baha’i gardens, or riding ATV’s through the sand dunes of the Negev after work. Israel has so much more to discover for those who wish to explore its riches, that’s why we offer a multitude of programs located in other amazing parts of the country – Haifa, Be’er Sheva, Rehovot, Jerusalem, just to name a few. The cities below are packed with incredible cafes, energetic bars/clubs, amazing beaches, breathtaking views, and culinary curiosities – each boasting its own distinct feeling of community and home. Click below to explore all that these cities have to offer and get ready to pack your bags for an adventure of a lifetime – trust us, by the time your program comes to an end, you’ll be wanting to call one of these cities. . .”home”