• Rebekah, UC Santa Barbara 2023. Media and Marketing intern at Sonovia. 

    During my summer in Israel, I enjoyed a great work-life balance; I would work my internship during the weekdays, explore Tel Aviv during the evenings and travel throughout Israel on the weekends. Working at Sonovia LTD, I was able to strengthen my professional skills by practicing email correspondence, crafting promotional newsletters, organizing spreadsheets and creating content on social media. I really enjoyed working in the Israeli tech world and learning about Israeli culture in this way. I now feel a much stronger connection to Israel and to my Jewish community after being able to explore the many diverse parts of Israel and creating meaningful connections with the people around me. I know that looking back, this summer will be a life highlight and I strongly recommend this program for anyone who is considering it. 

    Gabby, Summer 2023

    “Hi! My name is Gabby, and I’m a rising Junior at Boston University studying health science. During Summer 2023 through Destination Israel I worked at the Holland Center. This center is a daycare for young children with various developmental delays. It serves as a rehabilitation and therapy center and provides unique care catered to each child. I got to hang out with the kids and helped the staff in any capacity they need!”

    Danny, Summer 2023

    “During my summer with Onward, I had the incredible opportunity to live in Tel Aviv, engage in a valuable internship experience at a biomedical device startup, and develop lasting friendships with other participants of the Vanderbilt Hillel cohort. Two months in Tel Aviv provided the perfect amount of time to fully immerse myself in its unique culture; from the exceptional food scene to nightlife to the beach. These enriching city experiences, along with the chance to travel all over Israel with my friends, made that summer the best of my life.”

    Ethan, Summer 2023

    “Onward was a truly life-changing experience! I spent my days getting real-world work experience, my afternoons on the beach, and my nights exploring the incredible nightlife of Tel Aviv. I loved being immersed in Israeli culture (especially the amazing food). I got to see the country in a way I never had before on my past trips. The experience has made me feel a strong connection to Israel and I cannot wait to go back as soon as possible!

    I worked for a biotech startup that finds the best possible treatment for patients with rare genetic diseases. My job was to compile a database of gene-drug interactions then use the database to make an internal web app that the company could use to optimize the treatment discovery process.”

    Melissa, Summer 2023

    “This summer I worked at the Diplomatic Institute. I was one of four interns, and together we worked with our boss to accomplish a lot of amazing work. We helped organize an event with the Ambassador of Panama to promote the Israel-LATAM Corporate Center, a newly founded center assisting Israeli companies in growing their work to Latin America. We attended an event with the Ambassador of Spain promoting Barcelona’s Smart City event occurring later this year to increase sustainability across cities. I personally spoke to many Ambassadors and embassy assistants to coordinate meeting times and discussed Agro Mashov, the ag-tech fair happening in September in Tel Aviv.  I also completely remade a website for a cyber company, and helped edit a book. 
    I learned a lot this summer about the workplace and international business. My boss, Gabriel Hayon, was very knowledgeable about the ways different cultures worked and how to cater our business to their customs. I really enjoyed working with people from all different countries and being able to pick up on those differences, because it taught me a lot about how to adapt. It was really special to be able to do this in Israel, because I also got to learn about Israeli culture and felt completely immersed in their life. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and will look back on this summer fondly.”

    Haley, Summer 2023

    “Hi, my name is Haley, and I spent this past summer living and working in Israel! While living in a hostel on the beach with all of my friends, I spent my days working at SOS Pets, an animal shelter in Herzliya! During my time on Onward I made lifelong friends & memories, and would do it all over again if I could!❤️🇮🇱”

    Jess, Summer 2023

    Jess N. – Boston Jerusalem – Summer 2023

    “My time at my archaeological internship was invaluable to my experience learning about Israeli society. Working in the digs, I got to meet the archaeologists, construction workers, and logistics coordinators, who all had different roles and histories. When walking to work each day, I walked through the Kotel plaza, which allowed me to see the diversity of the Jewish community who visit. I also witnessed tour groups from around the world learning about our culture, which made me indescribably happy. I also saw the results of our excavations in the ‘Roman glass’ jewelry sold in the shuks and in the Israel Museum.”

    Noa, Summer 2022

    “During my time in Israel, I’ve not only been able to make great friends, I’ve also gained insight into international and Israeli politics that I would not have otherwise been able to experience. Working at the Knesset has been a once in a lifetime experience in that I am doing important work for my Member of Knesset (something that is not guaranteed as an intern in American politics), I am relied upon by my team, and I have been able to meet with and observe important political figures.”

    Vivian, Summer 2023

    “This summer I had amazing and life changing experiences on Onward Israel with VT Hillel. I was able to gain priceless experience at my internship with The Tel Aviv Municipality Innovation Center. I was given resources to access new knowledge about the structure of the City of Tel Aviv and how they are implementing urban agriculture. In my free time I was able to explore Tel Aviv and Israel with other VT and Onward students. This summer provided me with not only an amazing internship but life long memories and friends.”

    Sean, Summer 2023

    “I interned at the Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA). I helped plan, finance, schedule, and market a Youth Leadership Summit for Israeli students and young adults to learn about leadership and the skills they need to enter the Israeli job market. Being in Israel has been an amazing experience. I feel I have come a long way both in a professional and personal sense. I made strong connections with my coworkers, and the people I met as I traveled all over Israel.  I am extremely grateful for Onward for giving me this opportunity.”