• Sarah R. – Social Justice & Community Services, Summer 2019

    “Haifa is a beautiful, unique city. I love that when I walk down the street I might hear people speaking Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, or Tigrigna. I love that in one weekend I can watch a Jewish couple break glass under a chupa and see the fireworks and neighborhood decorations of an Arab wedding. I love that such a geographically small place houses such incredible diversity. And wow do I love that there is public transportation on Shabbat. While all of these things contribute to what makes Haifa, Haifa, they shouldn’t be used as a justification for the city to be stagnant. The beautiful things and the hard things both need to be acknowledged. We must acknowledge the inequity and celebrate the diversity. That is how Haifa will become a city that is not only mixed in name, but mixed in practice.”