• Andrew G. – Sports, Hospitality & Management, Summer 2018

    “Onward Israel has been a truly amazing experience. I am working at Shvarts Zedkia, a financial consulting firm. I feel like within the company my voice and the work I am doing truly matters. I did not know what to expect going into a workplace that is not used to having interns, so I tried to keep an open mind and have been pleasantly surprised.

    I am living in Jaffa, a portion of Tel Aviv with less hustle and bustle than downtown. I absolutely love the area I live in, as it has everything you would want within a 10-minute walk, a well-known shuk, beach, bars, markets, great restaurants, and more, while still being quiet and easily accessible to downtown Tel Aviv by bus. In my free time I have been exploring the area around my apartment, eating a lot of great food, teaching myself how to cook new things, and fully diving into Israeli culture and daily life. The biggest thing I have learned about myself is that I can handle what life throws at me much more than I had previously realized. Whether it was needing to find a way to get my glasses that broke fixed, commute to work each day in a foreign country, or other minute things that I have done. I am extremely happy about the time I have spent in Israel.”