• The Internship May Be Just the First Step - 04/04/2019

    One of the most exciting components of this year’s program is the Future IL job and opportunity fair in which Onward Israel is a proud partner.  This event, to be held on June 24 at the Tel Aviv Fair Grounds, will focus on engaging  thousands of young adults from around the world, particularly those already in Israel now, with hundreds of Israeli companies. Through the use of an opportunity search app, Onward Alumni from previous years will also be able to connect to Israeli companies to explore possibilities as well. For this project, Onward Israeli is partnering with an impressive list of institutions like Masa, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Tamid, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Gvahim and the Tel Aviv Municipality. The focus of the event will be on early career opportunities in Israeli Companies, bringing the advantages of a global oriented population to Israeli companies looking to strengthen their own connection with the global economy and to address their human capital needs as well. There are many Onward Israel participants who see the summer internship in Israel as part of their professional and career development path; they often note in their applications that the possibility of further work in Israel is something that appeals to them. For others, future career thoughts are a bit further off. For them, Future IL will offer other opportunities, including skill building sessions and exposure to Israeli start-ups and innovations. Next month, our work in recruiting companies will begin in earnest. I promise to keep you updated as to our progress.

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