For information on how to reach our General Inquiries and our EMERGENCY issues lines related to participants who are CURRENTLY in Israel, please visit our Contact Us page

Following the launch of Operation Breaking Dawn, Birthright Israel, including its Onward Israel Division, has taken the following steps in order to ensure the safety and security of its participants:

1) Travel Itineraries have been altered and activities in southern Israel and high-risk areas have been suspended until further notice.
2) Program organizers are reconfirming the presence of safe rooms at internship locations and making sure that participants have access to them- participants who prefer to work from home are allowed to do so.
3) While life continues normally in Israel’s major cities, we have asked participants to be more aware of their surroundings and to remain in proximity of locations with safe rooms, in case there is an air raid siren.
4) Participants who wish to leave the program early can request to do so without financial penalty and with the assistance of their program staff.
5) We have added additional restrictions to Jerusalem based groups for today (Tisha B’av) in order maximize their safety.
6) And as always, we have mental health and well-being resources available for participants who may be in extra need given the recent tension.

We remain in close touch with Israeli security officials and will make further adjustments to our programs if the situation requires it.

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 developments are highly dynamic and continually subject to change based on the directives of the government of Israel and Ministry of Health. Onward Israel continues to require all participants to be vaccinated* to participate in an Onward Israel Program this summer. Although the Government of Israel allows all foreign nationals to enter regardless of vaccination status, we are requiring vaccinations in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all participants. *Vaccinated, for the purposes of Onward Israel programs, is defined as vaccinated with 2 Doses of a WHO recognized vaccine (or 1 Johnson & Johnson) and 14 days or more have passed since the date of the second dose, not including the day of vaccination; or: vaccinated with a booster dose and 14 days or more have passed since the date of the vaccination, not including the day of vaccination. For more information on entry and isolation requirements, please refer to your relevant program page below or for any questions, please contact Click here for more information.

Impact at A glance

Since its inception, Onward Israel has employed rigorous pre and post-program evaluation, designed to empirically assess the program's impact. The results are clear: Onward Israel works.


Number of Onward Israel participants in its most recent cohort in 2021.


Number of Onward Israel participants in the first cohort in 2012.


Onward Israel alumni are 59% more likely to educate others about Israel than they were before their program.


Percent of Onward Israel participants that attended the same or more Israel and Jewish activities and events after returning home. Contrary to the general trend of declining engagement among college students.


Demand is high: there are three applicants for every available spot on an Onward Israel program

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