• Your Resume

    How to adjust your resume to the Israeli market:

    Here you will find helpful tips for adjusting your resume to the Israeli market and to optimize your chances with Israeli companies and employers for a potential internship in Israel. Here is a sample resume.

    General Information

    • Keep your resume ONE PAGE , Israeli employers don’t read beyond the first page
    • No picture. It not common in Israel to have a picture on your resume.
    • Education and work experience should be organized in reverse chronological order from the present to past
    • Write in bullet points and not long paragraphs. Israeli employers are short and to the point.
    • Please upload both a PDF and word document to your Onward Israel application, this way your internship coordinator can adjust it to different employers.

    Personal information:

    • Name, phone number (full number including extension mainly for WhatsApp) ,email address
    • Home address ( full state and city). It is also possible to input both your permanent and school address


    • List school, location, degree, expected graduation , major and minor
    • Special honors program, excelling program.
    • Scholarship programs -normally are not familiar to the Israeli employer so not a must to add
    • Since you are a student and don’t have necessarily relevant employment experience to your field of study please add  Related courses. Courses that are relevant for your potential internship and show the employer relevant skills you are acquiring at school
    • High school education – name location and years. Not a must.


    • Please include any employment\internship experience that reflects your skills and abilities.

    Leadership and activities:

    • Any extra curricular activities\leadership\volunteer and engagement.
    • The Israeli employer is not necessarily familiar with Hillel\Chabad\different campus clubs so make sure to emphasis what you are doing and how it shows your skill set ( for example organizational skills, detail orientation, fundraising, marketing campaigns, customer service etc)


    • Computer skills
    • Languages
    • If marketing oriented proficiency in social media platforms and what kind
    • Computer languages proficiency