• Tyler G.- Arts & Culture, Summer 2017

    “Three weeks into the program, and I am still in good spirits to write this reflection! For the boy who did not know how to feed himself in his own apartment, or who did not understand how to successfully commute an hour to work each way, or who did not apply sunscreen often enough (sorry, Mom!), I would say that this is a remarkable feat.

    I am in good spirits because I have been placed in such a special part of the world. Jerusalem plays an important role for so many, and to be at a walking distance to the modern shuk and ancient Old City has greatly impacted my experience. As such a versatile city, Jerusalem has been able to entertain and amaze me through its annual Light Show and extensive museum exhibits.

    I am in good spirits because I am fond of the many sights and sounds I have witnessed throughout our three weeks here. Our desire to explore solely for the sake of exploring has opened my eyes to the diversity and beauty surrounding our everyday lives. The honking horns on the commute to work, the shouting vendors who try to have you buy their products, and the different music played throughout the city have increased my capability to be fully immersed in this new land.

    I am in good spirits because my program-mates know how to make me smile. I have thoroughly enjoyed these past few weeks getting closer and forming connections to so many incredible people. We all seem to agree that there is always an excuse to eat dessert, and we have been able to create memories throughout these experiences. We come from different walks of life to spend a summer in Jerusalem, meaning that our values and morals are constantly being molded by this special community.

    I am in good spirits because 9 pitas only cost 5 shekels. Does that really need any explanation?
    I am in good spirits because I found my summer home, located under the rising and setting sun of Jerusalem.”