• Theo S. – GoTech, Summer 2016

    “Working at Telematics Wireless has so far been an amazing experience for me. I’m the marketing assistant to Leora, my awesome boss, who has taught me a lot about the smart city industry and given me skills to work with marketing and business development. Telematics is a world leader in energy resource management and smart outdoor lighting control, among other connectivity technologies. For example, one of our products, the T-Light Galaxy, can manage up to 50,000 streetlights, water control units, and many other IoT (Internet of Things) applications, within a 20-mile radius, all from a single base. So, if you’re walking in a city at night and notice those newly installed LED lights in the streets, chances are, they were developed by Telematics Wireless! The cool thing about Telematics is that it grew out of a military background, so our products have an advantage over others for making reliable and robust technology, originally having to withstand war-like conditions. And that’s what I love about Israel – people are always finding innovative solutions to problems and strive to be the best at everything they do.”