• Stephanie W. – Boston Jerusalem, Summer 2019

    “After spending a relaxing Shabbat in Jerusalem, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the assignments I had at my internship this week. Working at the Jerusalem Post, you usually don’t know what kind of day you’ll have until you get to the office. In the past several weeks, I’ve spontaneously hopped on busses to Tel Aviv, met Israeli politicians, interviewed Chabad rabbis, and have done everything in between. But this week, I had a few large assignments to finish, including a hotel review and longer analysis piece, both for the newspaper and the Jerusalem Report magazine. Working to get them done in time was stressful, but finally finishing and seeing them in the next day’s paper felt so rewarding.
    Of course, balancing work with fun is an important aspect of Onward. This past week, I’ve tried new restaurants, explored new neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and bought my fair share of souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home. On Tuesday night, my friends and I decided to try Ethiopian food at a restaurant located near our hotel. It was definitely unlike anything I’ve had before, and I’m glad I got to try it at an authentic restaurant.
    On Wednesday, we had our Onward Boston event at Neve Ilan. We heard from various speakers, from foreign correspondents of the Washington Post to current MK’s, on topics such as Israeli innovation and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Our last speaker was David Horowitz, founder of Times of Israel and previous editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post.”