• Stephanie C. – IsraeLinks Summer 2018

    “This summer I am interning for the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center. The center is dedicated to meeting the needs of soldiers serving in the Israeli Army from all over the United States as well as Europe.

    Michael Levin was a lone soldier himself who died in 2006 fighting for Israel. His death made a huge impact on Israel and this center was established in his honor. The center offers housing accommodations, Shabbat meals, and much more for soldiers.

    I chose to intern at this center because I am personable and outgoing. Therefore, I thought my skills could help with supplying the center with whatever needed to be done. At the center I help with the activities going on as well as making phone calls and interviewing soldiers.

    The best part about working at the center is the incredible people I have met. Getting to know the soldiers and hearing their stories has been fascinating. Every time I go to work, I meet new people eagerly waiting to tell me their story. This summer has been an incredible experience. I am having the time of my life in Israel.”