• Sophie B. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “Hi! My name is Sophie and I am a Fourth Year Computer Science Major studying at University of California, Davis. My experience this past summer with Onward Israel was absolutely incredible! When I first heard that the program would be switching to remote, I was upset I was not going to get to immerse myself in the Israeli culture and experience all things Israel, but I was still eager to get experience working in an internship in my field. I interned for a company called RenewSenses; they are a startup that creates technology to help visually impaired individuals live a more independent life. I specifically got to work on a new project where I helped create an online platform to teach blind students math. I got to combine my interests in web development with my interest in algorithm design to help create a pilot program and the beginning implementation of the vision to sound algorithm that the platform was based on. While I was not physically in Israel, I will say that the combination of daily meetings with my Israeli boss and the educational programming put on by Onward Israel, I definitely learned more about Israel and Israeli culture which is all I could really ask for under the current circumstances. I am definitely going to be applying for the upcoming summer program and crossing my fingers it will in person! I think Onward Israel is a great way to not only gain professional development, but also experience Israel in a new lens.”