• Sami L. – Neighborhood Ambassador, Summer 2019

    Sami did her internship in Be’er Sheva in the Summer of 2018 and loved it so much she decided to be a Neighborhood Ambassador and represent the city and all it has to offer to the new group of participants! “Hello and Shabbat Shalom to you all! My name is Sami–your Neighborhood Ambassador for all questions about Onward, Israel, and Life! Welcome to Israel and to the most underrated city in Israel, Be’er Sheva! For those of you hanging out in Be’er Sheva this weekend: this is your opportunity to explore the city and all if its hidden treasures, like Pinat Ochel—the infamous sandwich shop. My first weekend in Be’er Sheva was filled with sunscreen, sunshine, and some extremely hot air, which is why we decided to go to the pool on the BGU campus! It’s a real family-friendly area with a large, COLD pool and chairs so anyone going can sit all together. The Grand Canyon mall (biggest in Israel) in Be’er Sheva will open up when Shabbat ends tomorrow night, so this is a great place to go get dinner and walk around with your new friends!”