• Samantha S. – Hillel Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “I am fortunate to be interning at Misgav Ladach, working side-by-side with an experienced occupational therapist in the geriatric unit. I feel as though my experience in Israel is one that will be cherished and remembered. Most of my prior work experience was in pediatrics and in my internship I have learned so much working with an older population. I learned how to connect with these patients, how to understand them and how to provide them with the support and guidance that is required for their success.

    One memory that I will not forget is playing sensory-based games with a patient of mine. While these games may seem simple and easy for me, people with limited verbal and motor abilities find them challenging. The patient had limited verbal output, but she made a great effort to smile back at me during our time together. This experience gave me the feeling that I am truly making a difference. Overall, I appreciate and enjoy working with a new population. Not only do I see changes in myself as a future OT, but also in how I view these individuals as members in the community.”