• Sam M. – IsraeLinks, Summer 2018

    “Throughout my time at The Eucalyptus, I have acted as an assistant to sous chef in a world-renowned kitchen as well as a marketing intern with the goal of attracting new demographics to the restaurant. A large part of the Eucalyptus’ business comes through English speaking events with groups visiting from other parts of the world. I have been working with the event managers during those occasions along with creating new marketing material to attract more groups to the restaurant. These two roles within the restaurant have greatly satisfied my goals for coming on an Onward program. I wanted to experience an internship that would be unique to Israel. Eucalyptus’s style of cooking paired with the family-oriented work environment has given me a distinctive Israeli internship experience. I am very grateful for this learning and working opportunity that Onward has provided and would highly suggest that other adventure-seeking young adults should join the program so they can enjoy a similar experience!”