• Roie S. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “I decided to continue with Onward Israel Remote because I knew it was my chance to diverge from the path of online classes and remain productive during the pandemic in a novel and niche way. The program provided me the opportunity to be an intern at Clearya, where I was able to apply my knowledge and learn about the interesting field of epidemiology with a focus on carcinogens, toxins, and endocrine disruptors within cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products. I love that the program connected me with the Israeli work culture and showed that important work can still be done while being in self-quarantine instead of being in Israel. I find my work to be extremely important and is even contributing to a research presentation at the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology conference. Simultaneously, Onward has allowed me to meet Israeli’s from both religious and secular backgrounds and see their unique takes on Israel’s government and social constructs. It certainly is an amazing experience that I would do all over again.”