• Rebecca M. – Boston Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “For years I have dreamed about spending a summer in Israel, and now it is hard to believe that this summer is coming to an end. I am sad to be leaving this beautiful country, the homeland of the Jewish people, but I will always hold on to the amazing memories and friendships I made. From visiting the beaches of Tel Aviv, to building rafts on the Jordan River, to living steps away from the Old City, and of course working at my wonderful internship with IsraelGrants. The summer was filled with excitement, adventure and personal growth. On my second to last night in Jerusalem, I visited the Kotel for one last time this summer. As I was backing away from the Wall, an old woman approached me speaking Hebrew and I instinctively smiled and said “Slicha, lo ivrit,” expecting her to walk away because I could not understand her. But instead, she paused and encouraged me to smell the fragrant herbs (besamim) that she held in her hands, slowly reciting the Hebrew prayers with me before wishing me well with a big smile. At that moment, I felt a stronger connection to the land of Israel than I had all summer; this land is my home, and where I will always belong. Israel, you’ll have a piece of my heart forever, and I can’t wait until we meet again.”