• Rebecca B. – New York, Summer 2018

    What was it that attracted you to Onward Israel? 

    I had friends that did it and told me about it. They did it last year and had pretty unique interests so I asked If they thought I’d be able to work in a veterinary clinic and they said they had heard of it as a possibility. I really wanted to do something like this abroad and this seemed like a really good opportunity.

    Did you do birthright before? 

    I did birthright for the 10 days and then I had two weeks in between where I traveled with a few friends in Italy, it was awesome. And then I came back!

    How has working at the Dr.Yuval Samuel Veterinary Clinic been different from other work experiences you’ve had in the past? 

    I’ve done a lot of going to vet clinics like this before but I’ve never done it so frequently, going every day for weeks and weeks. They’re starting to give me more responsibilities here that I’ve never had before. I usually just watch but now it’s becoming more hands-on. They’re letting me scrub animals in for surgery and give them the medication that they need. I’ll help feed them and take them through their daily routines and walk the big dogs. I also help them clean up in the mornings and before I leave.

    What’s your favorite part about living in Israel?

    The beach! I love the beach.