• Jessie, Summer 2023

    “I interned at a training center that operates courses for world leaders on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sustainable Community Development, Early Childhood Education, and Gender Equality. I was able to join and participate in courses on climate technology, agribusiness, and community development. I really enjoyed my summer in Haifa and I will carry the lessons, memories, and relationships I’ve formed with me this summer forever!”

    Oren, Summer 2022

    “Before coming to Israel, I didn’t really know what to expect. I decided that I would participate in the Onward Israel program without previously knowing anyone going on the trip. I am happy to say it was a great decision and has become an unforgettable summer.  After just one week living in Haifa, I realized that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I love my internship at Paz Engineering and have become very close with my coworkers and everyone else in the program. I can already tell that I have made friends for life, whether they were from my program or the local Israelis I have met along the way. I even met my girlfriend this summer!”

    Abigail, Summer 2023

    “This internship allowed me to take my own passions and studies and incorporate them into my work. I worked alongside three other Onward participants which really made us close. Everyone at the Haifa Hub was so friendly and welcoming.”

    Jordana, Summer 2022

    “I am having a really good time gaining experience working at a theater company. I am doing a lot of social media, communication with different companies, and teaching acting workshops!  I want to go into the theater world as a teacher and actor so this internship is right up my alley. I’m gaining confidence in my teaching, collaborating on projects with co-workers, and marketing effectively. Getting to travel on weekends and work in the theater world is a dream summer for me.” 

    Daniela, Summer 2023

    “I had the privilege of interning at the Ethiopian National Project, a non-profit organization in Israel dedicated to education empowerment, risk prevention, cultural programs, and community service. Their mission is to support Ethiopian-Israeli 7th to 12th-graders by providing after-school assistance in academics, social interactions, emotional well-being, and nutrition. Outside of work, I’ve enjoyed exploring Tel Aviv and trying out various local restaurants. It has been a fulfilling and enjoyable summer, with a balance of meaningful work and fun experiences.”

    Liam, Summer 2023

    “The independent life I was able to lead in Tel Aviv brought out the best of myself and showed me how there are so many opportunities to still grow. The new perspectives I gained from the Israeli community – not just in terms of working – but living – have been absolutely enlightening.”

    Lili, Summer 2023

    “My name is Lili, and I was a participant on Northern NJ Onward track through Destination Israel during Summer 2023. I interned at Minute Media where I was part of the Interactive Marketing team! I helped the team create content for the various websites that the company operates. More specifically, most of my tasks consisted of gathering stock images for each question on the personality and trivia quizzes on the websites, and then I used our software to generate specific links for each image. Working for Minute Media was an incredible experience- everyone was so welcoming, and I feel so lucky to have formed connections with so many smart, driven, and overall amazing individuals. I gained so much valuable knowledge working here!!!”-Lili, Summer 2023

    Maya, Summer 2023

    “Spending the summer in Israel was a life changing experience. Not only did I learn more about my professional goals and aspirations, but I became a happier and more confident person. I miss Israel, but I’m excited to show my friends back home the person that Israel made me. I’m forever grateful to Onward Israel!”

    Arielle K, Summer 2023

    “On my Onward experience, I really grew as a young adult while experiencing city life in one of the top metropolises of the world.

    Making my morning coffee, hopping on the bus, and taking my 1 1/2 hour commute to work while watching TLV life go by is something I miss everyday. The friendships I was able to make with my coworkers, Madrichim, Israeli soldiers, and other Onward participants was truly a blessing and I am so grateful to have experienced so many fun times in Israel with so many unique people.
    I had the opportunity to work as a project manager/engineering intern at Simlat, a leading provider of innovative training solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems. This experience has provided me with invaluable engineering skills.  


    I am incredibly grateful to have been able to partake in this internship and take this international experience with me for the rest of my career. Onward gave me the best summer of my life, and I can’t recommend it enough to other young Jewish adults!  -Arielle K., Summer 2023

    Kate, Baltimore Summer 2023

    “I learned so much from Onward including good work habits, independent living skills, social skills, and so much more! By the end of the program I found myself being able to comfortable travel around Tel Aviv and was able to express myself at work and make so many new friends! 

    I learned so much from my internship and made so many amazing connections. One experience on Onward that really impacted me was my first event for my internship. One of my bosses really helped me understand the internship I was working in industry and let me shadow her as the event went on. It was super helpful and I learned a lot!  I will truly miss my internship and my bosses. They helped me learn and grow so much and I can’t thank them enough!”-Kate, Sumer 2023