• Melissa, Summer 2023

    “This summer I worked at the Diplomatic Institute. I was one of four interns, and together we worked with our boss to accomplish a lot of amazing work. We helped organize an event with the Ambassador of Panama to promote the Israel-LATAM Corporate Center, a newly founded center assisting Israeli companies in growing their work to Latin America. We attended an event with the Ambassador of Spain promoting Barcelona’s Smart City event occurring later this year to increase sustainability across cities. I personally spoke to many Ambassadors and embassy assistants to coordinate meeting times and discussed Agro Mashov, the ag-tech fair happening in September in Tel Aviv.  I also completely remade a website for a cyber company, and helped edit a book. 
    I learned a lot this summer about the workplace and international business. My boss, Gabriel Hayon, was very knowledgeable about the ways different cultures worked and how to cater our business to their customs. I really enjoyed working with people from all different countries and being able to pick up on those differences, because it taught me a lot about how to adapt. It was really special to be able to do this in Israel, because I also got to learn about Israeli culture and felt completely immersed in their life. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and will look back on this summer fondly.”