• Melanie M. – Columbus, Summer 2018

    “This summer I have been interning with Daniella Lehavi Accessories. This company designs accessories such as leather bags and shoes which are all designed and hand manufactured in Israel. This company was started by Daniella in 1990 and it expanded in 2004. Daniella Lehavi products are sold in over 100 boutiques worldwide in USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, among other countries.
    Each collection tells its own story and is characterized by different materials, colors, and themes, inspired by different sources and influences. The company employs over 60 experts in design, manufacturing, logistics, management, sales, marketing and more. As an intern in this company, I have been helping out with the production and design teams. I have done quality assurance for bags wallets and shoes that are being shipped to the United States and their stores in Israel. I have also made lookbooks, mood boards, and samples as my contribution to the design team. As a Fashion Major at the Ohio State University, this internship has allowed me to apply what I have learned in school and has also broadened my knowledge about the fashion industry. It has shown me manufacturing from a different aspect than I am used to and it has been a great experience working for this company.”