• Maya G.M. – Communications & Social Media, Summer 2019

    “Onward Israel has provided me with an amazing group of people, some of who I now call my best friends, and I have learned how to be independent and adventurous this summer. I have access to incredible coordinators that answer any questions I might have, and their hard work and dedication to this program and our group are very clear. For the past three months, I have worked as a Growth Intern for Moovit. I have assisted the company on multiple projects and different tasks in order to help improve the Moovit application. One of the projects I completed was obtaining specific screenshots that highlighted the app, simulating the app being used in 50 different countries and on three different types of smartphones. Throughout this process, I also searched for bugs and software issues and alerted our Operations Team of any problems. These screenshots will be used in app stores around the world to show the awesome features that Moovit has to offer. They will also be used in company presentations to investors and partners to display how the app works. Another project I completed was verifying old information and adding new information to the websites and information pages of the 7000 agencies Moovit works with. My work at Moovit has helped the company improve their application and the overall efficiency of the company. My summer with Onward has been a life-changing experience and I know I am going to miss it once I leave!”