• Maya F. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    Excerpt from her final project presentation: “I was a marketing intern at Matific (an online math-learning platform used by educational systems on a global level)  over the summer and reported directly to their VP of Marketing. At the beginning of the summer I created content for social media posts, kept up to date on latest social media trends, was involved in hashtags/captions, and spent the majority of time creating a social media campaign for them to launch in Croatia. As I began to work closer with their Marketing team, I lent a hand in other aspects of the company’s marketing, such as helping with copyriting, providing help with international companies (due to being a native english speaker), looking for awards and events that can help with public image, data entry of old websites, and marketing our tools to teachers/parents/students etc. At the end of the internship I was able to improve our online presence, better understand our target/market audience and have more sophisticated copywriting. I definitely had professional development and would want to work for a company like this in the future and be able to see a business from the ground up where I can think outside the box.”