• Matthew K. – Communications & Social Media, Summer 2019

    “In just the six weeks that I have been a part of the Chegg team, I have learned so much about their management style and the surrounding office culture. From one on one talks with each of the Product Managers and Directors in the office to sitting in on important meetings and shadowing project team leaders, I have been able to gain a better understanding of the day to day operations that go on at a larger company. I have also been given additional tasks that I can already see will help improve the productivity of those around me. I had the opportunity to lead a meeting about various project management tools that I had compiled for them. The value that I can provide to them is evident as I am constantly asked about my experience being an American student and using Chegg’s products. Working in Israel has given me a new perspective towards what an internship can be and how to make the most of an opportunity.”