• Matt K. – Baltimore, Summer 2017

    “At MinuteMedia, I run 11 Facebook Pages owned by the company, each are followed by thousands of people. I help manage the company’s Twitter feed, so I am basically on Twitter all day trying to keep up with the news to share it as fast as I can. I also write articles and create quizzes about soccer. These articles and quizzes go on the website’s front page, so it’s really cool to see my work receive thousands of views. It’s great working for them because I feel like I am truly an employee instead of an intern.

    Outside of work, I like to go to the beach, find cool places to eat food, and spend time with my friends on the program. If you visit Tel Aviv, you’ve got to visit Gordon Beach, Sarona market, the shuk (market), and the shops and cafes in Neve Tzedek.

    Baltimore Onward Israel gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the Israeli culture that includes an incredible work experience alongside stunning beaches, glorious food options, interesting museums, and amazing people.”