• Marlee B. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “Hi, my name is Marlee  and I am from Cherry Hill, NJ and I attend Rutgers University. This summer I worked for a company called Bringoz which is a logistics and supply chain company located in Tel Aviv. They are a logistics platform that provides shippers and carriers an end to end delivery infrastructure enabling them to compete in today’s demanding landscape, helping businesses manage the distribution of goods from point A to point B for their businesses and consumers. I was fortunate to work with a few employees at the company, I mainly worked with the VP for the Business Division and Operations who oversaw my project. She was a great mentor during this time, we communicated every week over WhatsApp/Email/Google Hangouts. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her this summer. The main project I worked on this summer focused on finding a billing platform for the company that met all their requirements and that could integrate with their current software that would not effect their SAS platform. My job was to conduct research on a multitude of platforms that could alleviate their payment issues and connect to QuickBooks. After weeks of conducting research, I found that Stripe was the best platform for Bringoz. I learned a lot from this project, as an accounting major, I got to see the behind the scenes/ in-depth research of how billing platforms work and this is definitely going to come up during my future studies or employment, so I am excited to take everything with me that I have learned! I also definitely feel I have a professional advantage from working on this project and am grateful to have had such huge responsibility this summer and know that I made a difference for this company.”