• Maddie S. – Social Justice & Community Services, Summer 2019

    “While I originally was planning to be in Tel Aviv last summer, I ended up living in Haifa as a participant in the Yahel Social Justice Onward program and I can honestly say it shaped my summer in countless transformative ways. I understand that most Onward participants enter the program hoping to be in Tel Aviv, and why not? It’s a vibrant, dynamic, full-of-life city with something new to do on every corner. What most people overlook, however, is the vast amount of culture, diversity and unique experiences that Haifa has to offer. Over the course of the 8 weeks I spent there, I came to love Haifa almost as much as my own hometown. I spent my weekends exploring, learning the public transportation system to travel everywhere from Nesher Park at the top of the mountain to Tel Shikmona, a beautiful tiny beach that became “my place.” Being selected as a neighborhood ambassador is my chance to share my passion for Haifa with others who might not immediately appreciate everything “the sleepy city” has to offer.”