• Lior I. – Baltimore, Summer 2018

    “I worked at an accounting firm in Tel Aviv called Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co., one of the larger accounting firms in Israel. I worked in the American bookkeeping and tax department. My duties included using QuickBooks, an online accounting software, to manage the financial records of several clients and assisting with American tax advice to the same clients.

    As an intern in a foreign country, I still felt that I had an important job to do because the company was relying on my help with their clients. However, they were always there to help me if I had questions.

    In my spare time, one of my favorite activities was going to the beach to enjoy the culture and views. I also enjoyed finding new restaurants to eat at every day, experiencing as much as I could.

    Baltimore Onward Israel gave me the opportunity to work in and experience another culture, enabling me to learn on the other side of the world. Working in Israel allowed me to create new networking connections and gave me an idea of what I will be doing in my career. Baltimore Onward Israel also introduced me to a great group of individuals whom I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life.”