• Lauren M. – Cleveland, Summer 2021

    Even though this is my fourth visit to Israel, this trip so far has been a completely new experience for me. Unlike my other trips which were with either school or my family, being here on my own has allowed me to see Israel from a different perspective. Now that I’ve been here for two weeks I’m beginning to feel more like a local- waking up and taking the bus to work, celebrating the weekends, and participating in special local events such as the Tel Aviv pride parade.

    My internship placement is at the Blue Balloon special education kindergarten which is outside the city in Rishon Letzion. I absolutely love my job- all of the kids, teachers, and therapists are so warm and sweet. In my free time I have been going on walks throughout the city,  going to the beach, and eating the best food I have ever eaten. After two weeks I already feel at home and it is now so clear to me why so many people come for trips and never want to leave!