• Josh G. – Hillel Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “I am a rising senior at Cornell, studying hotel administration.  This summer, I am interning at the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem.  So far, I am getting excellent exposure to the hospitality culture here in Israel and learning about customer service standards in a new, enlightening way. On my first day, I was greeted by the Human Resources Director and the General Manager of the hotel. I was given a tour of the entire hotel and shown the general responsibilities of the food and beverage department. All the staff treated me very well and allowed me to learn and grow from every one of them. From mastering reservation codes to resetting the table, I have mastered several concepts in this hotel and fostered that “two way street” of cultural similarities between the regular staff and me.

    Though this is only the second week of the program, I also am hoping to explore other areas of the hotel such as front desk, reservations, and housekeeping. With the remaining time of my internship, I am excited to find new ways to improve my communication skills and learn several departments in the Dan Panorama.”