• Jordan S. – Marketing & Communication, Summer 2017

    “This is my fourth time in Israel, yet I have never experienced anything quite like Onward. The unique balance of complete immersion in the Israeli workforce, complimented by valuable programming, including tours of ancient cities and a seminar about the conflict, has already made this summer an unforgettable one. I can navigate the busses feeling like an Israeli local, while getting to explore Israel once a week with my new friends from all over the world. I get to be an adult in the country I love most, with the support of a program that is committed to my success and enjoyment.

    “While there is nothing I enjoy more than spending time traveling around Israel, the experience I am having as an intern at Marom Group is truly life changing. Never before have I been in an office where I have been given so much responsibility, or is the staff so committed to my learning and growth as a young professional. It is because of this positive experience at Marom Group that I hope to return next summer, or after college, and see a future for myself in the consulting industry. As an intern it is rare to feel appreciated, included or useful; yet these are the words I use to describe my internship this summer, thanks to the dedicated Onward staff, as well as the welcoming team at Marom Group.”