• Jeffrey E. – GoTech, Summer 2016

    “The company I am interning for, Snapp App Builder, is dedicated to finding new ways to ‘democratize the internet’ for new users. The application, Snapp App Builder, helps emerging entrepreneurs with zero app-making experience design their own apps within this application. This gives new users a platform to promote their online businesses and compete at a global level. This new kind of commerce will inevitably lead to economic growth in these emerging economies, and give everyone an equal opportunity to the benefits of the Internet.

    I am incredibly excited to be working with a company that helps people achieve greater goals. I feel that it is our social responsibility to create a world full of opportunities for others–opportunities that are accessible to everyone. The people I get to work with on a daily basis also share this vision, and it only motivates me. Knowing that my work has a much larger impact is an incredible feeling.  This is what Tel Aviv is all about!