• Jake P. – Way More Israel, Summer 2018

    “My experience with Way More Israel defies description. Living in the Old City is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I thrive in the daily walks past Jaffa Gate and jogs around Rova square. Learning authentic Jewish culture straight from the source will permanently bolster not only my understanding of my own culture, but that of my holistic identity and place in the world. Working in my ideal professional role as a writer in the film industry has set me on the fast track for success with my career path, allowing me insider knowledge and connection that most kids my age would kill to have. But above all else, I treasure my connection to the administration and other students in the program. Linking up with so many individuals with similar values and principles yet intensely different backgrounds, perspectives, and mentalities has completely shifted my worldview, transforming me into a more complex, worldly person. Thank you to this program and everyone involved for making this summer unforgettable.”