• Jake M.- Camp Counselor, Summer 2018

    “As the first two weeks come to a close, we have time to reflect on the program so far. The Onward Israel Camp Counselor program was a special experience in and of itself. Being placed in the center of Jerusalem in such a small group allowed us to become closer with each other and our madrichim in a way that the other participants might not be able to experience. In regards to our internships, we all enjoy the work that we do as well as the opportunity we have been given to function as active members of the Israeli work force. The amount of freedom that we have been given is something that you cannot find on other programs, and it truly lets us get to know the area in the way that we would like to rather than the way that your average tourist gets to. The transition from our first home into the Beit Ar-El campus this past week went about as smoothly as it could have, and we finally got to meet the other participants on the program. We are a little over two weeks in, and everyone is extremely excited to experience what is to come.”