• Hallie A.J. – Remote Program, Summer 2020

    “Onward Israel Remote offered similar experiences to the original program with the addition of learning opportunities in remote work. I was still able to receive valuable work and cultural experiences from the comfort of my home. I am working at CCapital, an investment and business solutions firm that works with startups. I am primarily doing graphic design work for a variety of projects including newsletters, websites, and Power Points. I have really enjoyed my experience. I have been challenged in a variety of ways, especially in creativity and collaboration. Working remotely is definitely different than working in person, but personally for the better. It requires a lot of strong internal motivation and organization, which can be great to push yourself to think differently. It also requires a lot more communication, which can be challenging at times. The educational programs have been a great way to get a taste of Israeli culture.Of course it does not replace in person experiences, but I have still learned a great variety of new things from the arts to personal spirituality to politics. If the current climate allows, I hope to participate in an Onward internship next summer.”