• Grant B. – Boston Haifa, Summer 2018

    “I am currently an intern at Deloitte in Haifa. Deloitte is an international accounting firm that specializes in audit, tax, advisory, and consulting. From the first day I walked into the office I was immediately welcomed with open arms and did not just feel like “the intern,” but a member of the team. Everybody was very intrigued by the fact that I was from New York and spoke fluent English. Therefore, they knew that I could be an asset to the team by helping them increase their English proficiency and by working with American clients whose financial statements and reports are entirely in English.

    I have worked with targeting prospective global clients and reviewing their 10-K to summarize aspects of the company and conclude how Deloitte can benefit them as their advisors. I am currently on a project that is aimed to identify and analyze key controls of one of Deloitte’s clients to assure that operations are functioning without the presence of error or fraud.

    I am grateful for all of the responsibility and real-world experiences I encounter every day at my internship. There is a slang term used that means sometimes in life you just have to step forward, take initiative, and trust your instinct without a second thought. This term is known as ‘sending it.’ Confidence in your abilities can take you farther in life than you can imagine. To all the interns and employees out there I say this to you: step out of your comfort zone, do not fear failure, and send it.”