• Federico Z. – Bay Area, Summer 2019

    “Last summer, I interned at MobileODT, a visual diagnostic technology start-up located in the heart of Tel Aviv as a software development intern.  At my internship, not only did I strengthen my technical skills, which have helped me in my studies at school, but I also lived and experienced working within the Israeli start-up ecosystem. I came home with a chutzpah-oriented mentality towards technology and innovation, a mentality that I now apply to every endeavor I take.

    In just a matter of weeks, I felt completely integrated into Israel society in Tel Aviv— I had Israeli friends and co-workers, a collection of favorite Israeli restaurants and beaches, and above all, a robust network of aspiring, young Jewish Americans who share the same love of Israel and career-aspirations as me.

    Onward Israel has also greatly reinforced my connection with Israel. My connection prior to Onward had been mostly been that of a tourist and consisted of second-hand stories of Israelis; however, I now feel confident to advocate for Israel and its beautiful culture using my own stories and experiences. My internship and technical development through Onward have also helped me land my dream internship in the United States this summer, and I definitely wish to return to Israel to work in the high-tech ecosystem because of my Onward experience.”