• Emmie H. – GoTech, Summer 2016

    “I am fortunate to have the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge and understanding of start-up culture, but to do so in a place where I can love and appreciate my deep-rooted connection to Judaism. Although I have traveled to Israel twice before, this summer is very special to me as I immerse myself into the Israeli customs and traditions one can only understand by living here. I’ve learned so much about Israeli culture despite only living here for a short time, and I look forward to the many opportunities and adventures this summer has to offer.

    I love my internship and truly value the knowledge I have gained thus far.  I’m working at OneDay Social Volunteering, a company that organizes community service events and social events in order to strengthen local communities and promote Tikkun Olam. I am passionate about the goals of OneDay, and I appreciate the collaborative and energetic environment in which we work. I’m really enjoying my time at OneDay and am so excited for the upcoming weeks at OneDay and on Onward Israel GoTech!”