• Emma R. – Boston Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “This summer I am interning at Finn Partners, an international public relations agency with 16 locations all over the globe! Throughout this summer I have had the opportunity to learn about the ins-and-outs of the PR industry through various hands-on projects revolving around our clients. I have been researching one of our clients, Adin Steinsaltz, a man who translated the Talmud to make it more accessible to Jews around the world. In order to create a more accurate representation of Adin Steinsaltz on his Wikipedia page, I have been researching his writings, commentaries, criticisms of his work, and awards he has been presented. Having the ability to conduct this research and watch my work come to life online has been one of the projects I have enjoyed the most. My other projects include writing press releases, news releases, and media pitches for one of our Med Tech clients. I also perform daily media sweeps for Turkish Airlines. This summer has truly given me the opportunity to explore the PR industry!”