• Emily S. – Sustainability & Green Energy, Summer 2018

    “I’ve been helping with the social media and content side at Marakesh, a marketplace that’s similar to Etsy, except for all the sellers are selling ethically produced products or products that come from sustainable materials.  I’ve been writing some of the blogs and done some search engine optimization and it’s been really interesting.

    I like the food in Tel Aviv. I’m a foodie. I like being close to the beach, we go every weekend. I just figured out how to rent bikes and it’s really nice on Shabbat to get around. I like the cute bars and  fun streets like Dizengoff.

    Onward Israel has been a really good experience because I’ve never gotten work experience before so it’s nice to have something to know what it’s like to work in an office and be in a big city. I’m studying Economics and Political Science and I think I know now that I want to go down a green energy path. I’ve learned here that I’ve really liked the idea of that industry or environmental policy.”