• Emily K. – Boston Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “Working out is a part of my daily routine back at home, and so coming to Israel, I knew that I wanted to find a gym where I could keep up with my daily schedule, decompress after my internship and work off that falafel from lunch. When looking into gyms around the area, the YMCA seemed like the best option due to its close proximity to our hotel and recent renovations. Whether you like to pump iron, play basketball, go for a swim, or even test every type of exercise class—the Y offers something to fit every gym goers’ needs.

    After a long day at work, the gym does not always sound very appealing. Finding the motivation and energy to pump out a solid workout challenges the most avid gym rat—workout buddies provide a great remedy to this dilemma. A group of Boston Jerusalem participants all purchased YMCA memberships and now motivate each other to go to the gym. Everyone has different workout routines ranging from core exercises to Zumba to lifting weights to running on the treadmill, and so we are never lacking gym inspiration. Going to the gym provides a great bonding experience with participants from our program and challenges us to branch out into the surrounding community all while breaking a sweat!”