• Dima D. – Arts & Culture, Summer 2018

    “Today is July 2nd, and I am staring at my calendar in disbelief. I have nearly been in Israel a whole month with Onward Israel. In this month alone I have met wonderful friends, experienced a side of Israel that I have not noticed in my previous visits here, and most importantly, matured as a person through all of these experiences. This is not my first time in Israel, by any means, but this is my first time living in Israel and feeling included and feeling part of this beautiful society.

    This is definitely what has made this trip such a positive experience for me. I feel that something that has contributed in creating this feeling of inclusion is working here. My internship for the graphic design house has been phenomenal, and I want to thank the Onward Israel staff for helping me find it. I hope the final half of this trip will be as good, if not better, than this past month!”