• David R. – IsraeLinks, Summer 2018

    “I chose to come on Onward IsraeLinks because I wanted a new view of Israel. Rather than a visit, I wanted to participate in an Israeli workplace. I wanted to see what it was like for those who lived here instead of “seeing the sights.” I wanted to feel like a local.

    In my job, I analyze the data for the media company, JerusalemU. I take the survey data that the company receives from its products and I tell a story with the information. I take the rough and general feedback that the filmmakers receive and I turn it into a comprehensible critique. On Monday, I get a set of data with a couple hundred participants and by Friday I have a report. Even though I am the only intern at Jerusalem U, my coworkers make me feel like part of the team, they receive criticism and advice from me as they would from each other. In addition to work, I have made connections to friends on Onward IsraeLinks that I will appreciate the rest of my life.”