• Daniela S. – Sustainability & Green Energy, Summer 2018

    “I’ve had the privilege to live in the suburb of Bat Yam, right outside Tel Aviv, for the summer. I’m doing legal research at the Environmental Regulation Clinic and am surrounded by down to earth, like minded, passionate individuals in my cohort.

    This summer has been very different from every other experiences I’ve had in Israel and more generally abroad because it doesn’t feel like I’m abroad. My life here feels very real and normal, which is pretty cool to feel so at home and so natural in a place that is truly very foreign.

    It’s been great to have this space away from my home in New Jersey in order to better myself in ways I have wanted for a while. I’ve been trying to get better at dealing with the ambiguity of life and get better at learning what role Judaism plays in my life.  These aren’t easy goals but I’m glad I have this opportunity to start exploring them.”