• Dalia S. – Boston Jerusalem, Summer 2018

    “I noticed from my my first couple days here that Israel wasn’t just a place to go on vacation. Israel wasn’t just going to be adventure and exploration. I have had the opportunity to travel around, and intern at a mental rehabilitation center in Jerusalem where I have made incredible connections with amazing Israelis along with strengthening my Hebrew skills.

    This place I flew to and committed to stay in for 3 months, this place was my home even though this has only been my second time on this soil. There were simple changes in myself that I started to notice when I was here. Things that would make me anxious or bothered at home suddenly started to seem so insignificant. Things that I had previously struggled with, like being alone or being spontaneous became second nature and really started to make me happy and excited.

    Living in Jerusalem has forced me to question my Judaism in a way that I never have before.  The connection to these people, this land, and even studying the texts have given me answers to new questions I never asked before, and I now can focus on answering more about myself in years to come with a more structured and secure lens.

    I feel really connected here. After going on birthright with Hillel and being on Onward Israel with really amazing Jewish college students all with some connection to the Boston area along with meeting amazing Israelis have also facilitated that connection.”